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Name:Dave (Web Site)
Country: Date: Thu Jun 12 23:40:04 2003
Comment: Anyone remember the Saturday Morning show called 'How do they get away with it'? with John Warwick. I think Dave Jamieson was co-presenter, if only for a while.

Name: Debbi Smith (Web Site)
Country: UK Date: Sun Jun 1 19:59:44 2003
Comment: Thanks for this site, I was a big fan of Mercia when it started in 1980, right up until we moved away in 1989. We were recently up in Nuneaton listening to Mercia and I decided to search for some original info. Fantastic! Thank you so much!

Name: MGBADA JOE ,ABA (Web Site)
Country: ABA,NAIJA Date: Thu Mar 6 15:27:50 2003

Name: Mark Rowley (Web Site)
Country: UK Date: Fri Feb 7 10:12:23 2003
Comment: Great site found by accident - I have fond memories of Mercia - started me on my way to becoming a presenter. Memories - John Warwick my favorite - Friday nights you could phone and get tour favorite jingles played - try that today.I've got some old 1/4 snoop recordings somewhere must dig them out.

Name: Vince Marks (Web Site)
Country: United Kingdom Date: Fri Jan 31 12:13:56 2003
Comment: What a great site, found it quite by accident. I really enjoyed Mercia Sound in the early days, I have the first part of Gordan's programme on tape! The jingles were great, I'd love to get hold of a good quality copy of them. I still live in Coventry but very rarely listen to Mercia's just not the same

Name: Murray Decker (Web Site)
Country: Canada Date: Wed Jan 8 19:58:55 2003
Comment: Looking for Mike Smith Songs, do you have any?

Name: Mike Shaughnesy (Web Site)
Country: USA Date: Mon Dec 9 20:00:05 2002
Comment: Was looking for the Mike Smith jingle source in the archieve....can you help?


Name: James C (Web Site)
Country: UK Date: Mon Nov 11 15:08:43 2002
Comment: not overly impressed.

Name:chris stiles (Web Site)
Country: england Date: Sun Oct 13 13:56:46 2002
Comment: Fantastic to here the jingles from radio London and radio england / britain again keep up the good work.

Name: Dave (Bumble) (Web Site)
Country: Canada, Date: Mon Oct 7 22:24:11 2002
Comment: It's Great to hear Mercia Sound , that i used have on the radio, when i used to work in Spon End.(Listers).. Keep it up,,,,,,

Name: Marc Silk (Web Site)
Country: UK Date: Sat Aug 17 23:41:10 2002
Comment: Yikes! Nice Site.
Fantastic picture of Ted.

When do we get the Mark Keen pix...?!!!
Thanks Kevin.

Name: Steve Doherty (Web Site)
Country: UK Date: Tue Aug 13 16:54:59 2002
Comment: Fantastic web site - well done. I was only 11 when Mercia Sound kicked off - but most of my formative years were spent with my ear to the tranny! I only formally "worked" at Mercia for about 2 months when Ted Elliott let me help out in Commercial Production. I also anoraked "on the phones" for his weekend shows - but "from little acorns..." I have now been a comedy producer at Radio 4 for 8 years!

Name: Skip (Web Site)
Country: Australia Date: Mon Aug 5 17:20:29 2002
Comment: Great site. Well done Kevin.
I hosted a segment in the 80's relating to CB radios. What a truly local station, still remember us all at the nearby pub for drinks.
Emigrated to Australia in 88 with my Mercia Sound T-shirt on my passport photo!
Regards to anyone who remembers me.

Name: Rob Lubbock (Web Site)
Country: East Midlands Date: Sat Jul 20 19:31:06 2002
Comment: Excellent website! I moved up to the Midlands in 1991 from East Anglia. Mercia at the time was the best ILR station within the Midlands Radio Group I listened to it all the way up North West Leicestershire!
Loved The Mercia Mix show every Saturday Nite great mix high energy simply the best mix of music around!!!!


Name: Adrian (Web Site)
Country: Barbados Date: Fri May 31 17:49:43 2002
Comment: I really enjoyed Mercia Sound. I would like to know what Dave Simms is doing now.

Name: Steve Lee (Web Site)
Country: UK Date: Thu May 9 23:33:31 2002
Comment: I worked at Mercia between August 84 and February 89, firstly with Mercia Action and later as a freelance presenter where the weekend Daybreak programmes were mine for 3 years. I consider myself lucky to have worked with experienced broadcasters like Paul, Dave, Jim, Jeff, Annie and Stuart. Very fond memories of when we were all part of a REALLY local radio station! Would love to hear from any former staff. Regards to all.

Name: Jon (Web Site)
Country: UK Date: Sun May 5 08:56:09 2002
Comment: Mercia Sound was what local radio is all about, there was no othe station like it. Remember the Christmas Goldrush days?
Those megamixes Kevin were the best, so loooooong and of high quality. Does anyone know if they are available on CD please?
Any listeners of Alan Turner's Some Like it Hot show out there, remember staying up to tape it - still got them!


Name: Liam Bramall (Web Site)
Country: UK Date: Sat Apr 27 19:11:11 2002
Comment: Excellent site, especially the great audio. The memories came flooding back!!

Name: Matthew Wright (Web Site)
Country: UK Date: Wed Apr 3 16:38:21 2002
Comment: I remember our Saturday Nights at Mercia with great fondness. Your remix of Vogue was and still is legendary. Shame GWR ruined what was without doubt a superb station - all credit to those early visionaries (Warwick, Lloyd, Linnell, Napier-Barrett etc)Good work you anorak !

Name: Mike Smith (Web Site)
Country: England Date: Sun Mar 31 23:39:33 2002
Comment: I listened to Mercia from day one, and it was a superb example of quality, local eclectic radio. Great to find your site, brings back some good memories - shame GWR destroyed it!

Name: Nigel Carr (Web Site)
Country: UK Date: Fri Mar 29 01:00:41 2002
Comment: When Mercia commenced, I lived in Tamworth, slightly outside the official area. I could only receive the 220 signal (due to Beacon beaming in on 97.2FM). In 1985 I obtained a new job which meant a move to Coventy and a clear FM signal !! Great jingles, great presenters and great music. Radio just ain't the same anymore.

Name: kennyhague (Web Site)
Country: Date: Tue Mar 19 19:39:38 2002
Comment: good

Name: Glen Thompsett (Web Site)
Country: UK Date: Tue Mar 19 00:02:48 2002
Comment: Kevin...Great web site and I found it by accident. Yes I'm the same Glen Thompsett that worked at Merica along with Dave Simms, Jim Lee, Stuart Linnell and the rest of the gang. I'll try and email you a dog-eared Mercia mug shot of me. Great work, keep it going.

Name: Mark Foster (Web Site)
Country: England Date: Mon Feb 25 09:36:27 2002
Comment: I can scarcely believe that it is now 20 years since I started my broadcasting career at the Mercia. Sorry I couldn't make last year's reunion. Hello to old colleagues and well done on the site, Kevin.

Name: Neil (Web Site)
Country: England Date: Tue Feb 19 22:18:51 2002
Comment: Oops. Message's a case of finding non playlisted stuff wherever you can. Maybe BBC 6 Music will save the day.
I hate to leave on a sad note but I learned recently that John Warwick is no longer with us.
Keep up the good work and I look forward to future updates.

Name: Neil (Web Site)
Country: England Date: Tue Feb 19 22:15:50 2002
Comment: Brings back some memories. I was just outside the true catchment area for Mercia but always found it preferable to BRMB. I especially remember Dave Jamieson's saturday show with 6 of the best which he took with him from BRMB...Image by Alan Haven...I've still got that record somewhere. I can't imagine the sort of questions he posed being allowed anywhere near radio these days. In fact radio in general leaves me cold now, its a case of fin

Name: Amanda Miller (Web Site)
Country: England Date: Mon Feb 18 14:41:01 2002
Comment: I am currently the Station Administrator at Mercia FM and started working here in August 1997 for the (then)MD Ian Rufus, who you will recognise as one of the original people at the station! I am Coventry born and bred and take huge pride in being involved in the ongoing success of the biggest and best station in the area.

Name: Alan Turner (Web Site)
Country: England Date: Mon Feb 18 11:19:08 2002
Comment: My god....almost 22 years since The Mercia went on air. And some of us STILL believe in radio.
This REALLY is sad-anorakism of the first degree but congrats!! Aah...the memories....

Oh yeah...and Big Bad Bev called me at home out of the blue just last week!! So she IS still alive...

Name: Mark Hanna (Web Site)
Country: England Date: Mon Feb 18 10:00:38 2002
Comment: Great site! I was a ten year old lad when I came across Mercia Sound in 1980, it all seemed very magical to me. I never did like my own local station at the time, BRMB (apart from Les Ross).
It was Mercia Sound that made me want to work in radio, and I started my career at 21. Nice to see the photos again, great memories of a THEN great station. Keep updating Kev!

Name: Andrew Brown (Web Site)
Country: UK Date: Sun Feb 17 23:27:00 2002
Comment: I lived in Hinckley and took the day off school just to listen to the first days programming. I recorded the first hour and was so excited to have an ILR in my area at last after a couple of years enjoying the renegade broadcasts of Beacon 303. I always wondered what happened to Andy Lloyd! He was by far the best presenter on the station - a touch of class. I heard on BBC Radio Bedford in the late 1980's, but may be he became a lawyer after all!

Name: Andy Lloyd (Web Site)
Country: UK Date: Wed Feb 13 12:37:14 2002
Comment: the memories just keeping on coming ...
good website, well done kevin.


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