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Presenter: Les Ross M.B.E.
Around the World - Vintage Les Ross on BRMB radio - 261 meters (1152 kHz) medium wave and 94.8 MHz VHF in stereo

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Les Ross circa 1976

Les Ross circa 1978

Les Ross in 1984
Around the World:
Vintage Les Ross on BRMB
BRMB Power Station
Audio clips from an era in commercial radio when presenters were just that, they talked to their listeners, not merely a DJ having to get in a quota of computer chosen music, an era when presenters were allowed to speak for more than 30 seconds per link.

Many of the audio clips are from Les' Sunday programme which if memory serves me correctly was originally on from 10 am 'til 2 pm.

In those early days when Les did his Sunday programme in the first two hours he used to invite friends and relations who were visiting people in the Birmingham area to 'phone in' and have a chat, then, in the latter 2 hours Les presented 'Around the World' where he would phone up people anywhere abroad.

I think some of my audio clips originated from as early as 1976, unfortunately I didn't date the recordings I made at the that time.

So click on a link below, sit back and enjoy commercial radio at its best, talking to and listening to its listeners! (well some of the music might be just that bit dodgy?).
Les Ross: Various circa 1976
Les Ross: Christmas day 1976
Les Ross: Around the World visitors 'phone-in' circa 1976
Les Ross: Breakfast show November 9th 1978
Les Ross: Around the World circa 1976
Les Ross: Christmas day 1978
Les Ross: Around the World circa 1978
Les Ross: Around the World circa 1987
Les Ross: Breakfast show, Les enters other radio stations
phone-in competitions
Les Ross: Breakfast show, July 1983 inc. 'Juke Box Fury'
(thanks to Deborah)

Big City Radio 89.1Les Ross Big City Radio
Les presented the Big City Radio 89.1 fm breakfast show in Birmingham - between Monday 7th December 2009 through to 26th March 2010 - where he was at his very best!


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