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ATV Today film reports on Mercia Sound
...TX 22.05.1980 and 09.02.1981

Part one:

Mercia Sound station opening on 22nd May 1980

Wendy Nelson's visit to the Midlands newest commercial radio station Mercia Sound at Coventry where she interviews the programme controller, Ian Rufus, re-plans for the future of the station and the confidence in its success.

Also an interview with the station's youngest disc jockey, Andy Lloyd and Gordon Astley, whose breakfast programme will open the station.

Part two:

Local Radio, the success of Mercia Sound, from the 9th February 1981:

Lynda Berry reports on the independent local radio, Mercia Sound, which covers Coventry, Nuneaton and Leamington which is one of six commercial radio stations operating in the Midlands.

The station has only been on the air for less than a year, but audience figures say that it is the second most listened to local radio station in the country.

The stations chief executive, John Bradford, said that he felt that the station should fit in with its audiences every day life and the D. J. Gordon Astley said that listeners response was very important on his daily breakfast show.

The station takes an hourly report of news from IRN and Mike Henfield explaines that this helped to avoid the 'parochial news' situation, although they do feature local news, because of its interest to the listeners.

*Please note*: There are segments where some of the film clip is missing,
this is not an error but is as the ATV archive.

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