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Mercia's Machinery

Studio 1 Sonifex cart players

Mercia FM & Xtra AM News Booth

Studio 1 cart players

From the left, the two stacks of two cart machines commected through the desk via faders for common programme content whilst the two stacks of three machines completely bypassed the desk and played out directly to the transmitters - the left three served Mercia FM for their jingles and commercials, the right three played jingles and commercials to Leicester Sound FM.

When not simulcasting to Leicester the left hand stack of three machines served Coventry's 97FM signal while the right hand stack served Leamington Spa's transmitter on 102.9FM.

Mercia FM and Xtra AM's News Booth

This is the News booth studio, where the news was simulcast both to Mercia FM and

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