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KPS.ORG.UK proudly presents the history of Mercia Sound / Mercia FM
Dedicated to those who made 'Mercia Sound' a great radio station!
Mercia Sound is Coventry, Warwickshire and South West Leicestershire
It was on Friday May 23rd 1980 when Mercia Sound / Mercia FM hit the radio airwaves...

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Ian Rufus opens the station ...the time was 6:58am when Ian Rufus opened the station click to hear

Mercia Sound was the 21st independent local radio station to go on air.
Originally broadcasting on 220 meters medium wave & 95.9 VHF (FM) in stereo,
broadcasting on 97 and 102.9 FM. The Mercia name was dropped in
March 2012 to make way for the new name 'Free Radio'.
The studios were based in Hertford Place, Coventry CV1 3TT - England

Mercia Sound Hertford Place

IBA test transmission tapes
There were originally two hour long tapes produced for test transmission, click below to hear edited highlights of each:
reel one Reel one edit reel two Reel two edit

Day one audio highlights
Hear edited highlights of Gordon Astleys and Dave Jamiesons first shows below:
reel one Gordon Astleys first show Good Morning Mercia reel two Dave Jamiesons first show Through 'til One

The original Mercia Sound presentation team:
Below are the main presenters who first appeared on the airwaves of Mercia Sound and
made it one of the most popular and most listened to stations ever!

Gordon Astley
Gordon Astley
Presenter of
'Good Morning Mercia'

Click to hear Gordon's opening words

click here for more on
Dave Jamieson
Dave Jamieson
Presenter of
'Through 'til One' and 'Saturday Night In'

Click to hear Dave's opening words

click here for more on
Stuart Linnell
Stuart Linnell
Presenter of
'Afternoon Delight' and 'Sportacular'

Click to hear Stuart's opening words

click here for more on

Weekdays 5.00 a.m. - 9.30 a.m.

Gordon Astley is Mercia Sound's early riser. He's the man who gets Coventry, Warwickshire and Leicestershire off to a great start with a fast- moving mixture of music, news, traffic and travel information, today's birthdays, weather forecast and his own unique brand of humour.

Gordon, who has worked in radio stations abroad as well as in this country is also nationally known as one of the presenters of a top rated television pop-show.
Weekdays 9:30 a.m. - 1.00 p.m.

Dave Jamieson is the soft spoken Scot who takes thousands of listeners through the morning with music, news, personality guests and a panel of experts who'll help you with just about any problem you've got.

If your problem is where to go the 'What's On' service will help you. If it's what to cook for yourself or your kids there's a mouthwatering recipe at 10.15 a.m. every day. Dave began his career in hospital broadcasting. He lists his interests as the English canal system and the collection of totally useless information.
Weekdays 1.10 p.m. - 4.00p.m.

Stuart Linnell makes the afternoons easy. The latest sounds on record are mixed with provocative interviews, your chance to swap unwanted items at the Mercia Trading Post and the service of Mercia Action, news and the latest weather reports.

On Saturday afternoons Stuart hosts a fast moving sport and music programme which majors on the local sporting scene. League soccer, county cricket and top class rugby as well as all the minority sports are featured in Sportacular.

Tony Gillham
Tony Gillham
Presenter of
'Radioactive' and 'Mercia Musicomputer'

click here for more on
John Warwick

John Warwick
Presenter of
'Night Express' and 'Lazy Sunday'
*second edition photo

click here for more on

Andy lloyd
Andy Lloyd
Presenter of
Saturday Breakfast, Sunday Morning, Sunday Night and Holiday Relief

click here for more on

Weekdays 4.00 p.m. - 7.00 p.m.

Tony Gillham is the man who'll see you safely home through the rush hour traffic. The latest traffic and travel reports blend with up to the minute news and the best in music and Tony doesn't forget those at home either, with competitions and features to keep you entertained and informed.

Tony, a man of many talents to add variety to your listening, is a keen photographer and astronomer.

Original photo and information not available

... can you help?
Andy Lloyd is Mercia Sound's 'Jack of all trades' presenting a variety of shows each week ranging from the Saturday breakfast show to the Tuesday night New Wave programme.

Andy, who at 24 is the youngest Mercia presenter, is a lawyer by training but decided early in his career that the dry world of court room wasn't for him.

Andy is a keen squash player and even serves on a Parish Council.

Jim Lee
Jim Lee
Presenter of
'From Me to You'

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Main on Air studio

Sundays 12.00 p.m. - 2.00 p.m.

Jim Lee helps you relax at Sunday lunchtime with his request programme. Dedications and messages are wrapped in your
favourite music. Jim is a local lad born in Nuneaton and began his career with the Coventry Hospital Broadcasting Service.

His hobby is broadcasting!

Original 'Main on air' studio

Original freelance Mercia Sound presentation team:

Sarjit  Myrrpurey
Sarjit Myrrpurey

"Aakash Deep"
Roger Hall
Roger Hall

" That Certain Sound"
Norman Wheatley
Norman Wheatley

" Mercia Folk"

Original executive staff members:

John Bradford
Ian Rufus
John Manley
John Manley

Head of sales

Ian Pettman
Ian Pettman

Chief engineer
Robbie Mason
Robbie Mason

Commercial producer
Mike Henfield

Saturday Night Out

Welcome leaflet:
If you lived in the Mercia Sound transmission area you may well have had this A5 leaflet posted through your letter box!


Click for larger image


Click for larger image

A warm welcome:
...from The Coventry Evening Telegraph


'Early class as Mercia Sound goes on air'

Walsgrave Junior pupils went to school extra early to listen in to the first days broadcast.

The first record played:
Dan Hartman's - 'This is it'

No such thing as cd's then!

click here for full story.

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