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Mercia Sound Memorabilia

These are hand painted wooden spoons given to Mercia Sound, the first one at Mercia's launch the second on Mercia's first anniversary, the first spoon carries the name Sue - Rugby, the second Sue and Karen, made and presented by grateful listeners.

kindly donate by Lilian Hargreaves
spoons front
spoons back
spoon front
spoon back
spoon 1st front
How about starting your day and eating breakfast off this Mercia Sound breakfast crockery set?

kindly donate by Lilian Hargreaves
breakfast set 1
breakfast set 2
cup & saucer
Mercia Sound 220 makes your day Mug

image provided by Mike Smith
Mercia 220 mug
Do you have any Mercia Sound merchandise?

I'm always on the lookout to expand the Mercia Sound history web site.

If you have any 'Mercia Sound' merchandise to lend, such as car stickers, presenters photo's give-aways etc. I'd like to hear from you,
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