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Mercia Sound Miscellaneous Images

1st birthday poster 

Mercia Sounds 1st birthday poster advertising their party at Tiffany's night club

coupon book
Advertisers taking part in this money saving exercise were:
The Co-op
Aubrey Allen Butchers Unit Sales
M & B Furnishers
Phillips Ironmongers
Staybrite Windows

snowball sticker Snowball charity sticker

gold rush receipt

A Gold Rush charity
donation receipt
for Mercia Sounds
annual radiotho
usually held on
December 27th


Mercia Sound forum
Following the great success of the on-air experts, Mercia held a live forum at a local public house in Coventry

XTRA AM logo
XTRA AM logo


Closedown on ATV promoting Mercia Sound and BRMB radio

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