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Mercia Sound Original News Team Lineup
and how we were introduced to them:

Mike Henfield

Mike Henfield - News Editor

Mike is a Midlander who's worked for the BBC and BRMB before joining Mercia Sound.

He's an ex-newspaper journalist, who's worked for papers including the Birmingham Post and Birmingham Evening Mail.

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Andrew Armitage

Andy is no stranger to Coventry and has been editing the "Coventry Jobhunter", the magazine which specilises in helping young people. He's also worked for the Coventry Evening Telegraph and newspapers in the Sheffield area.

Andy's recollections:
I've just listened to Gordon Astley's first words - which I heard in the boardroom of Mercia that morning as we all stood holding Champaign glasses (except Gordon, of course, and Mike Henfield, who was waiting to read the first news bulletin).

Gary Hudson

Gary was a journalist with the Solihull News before joining a news agency in Stoke-on-Trent. He particularly enjoys covering sport.

Peter Lowe

Peter will already be known to many people in Warwickshire as he was previously in the Leamington office of the Evening Mail. He's also worked for a big news agency based in Birmingham.

Kay Oliver

Kay has had her own award-winning hospital radio show in Middlesex, and has worked for evening and weekly papers in the London area.

Alan Turner

Another Midlander, Alan was with West Midlands Press group before coming to Mercia Sound.

Alan's recollections:
My god....almost 22 years since The Mercia went on air. And some of us STILL believe in radio. This REALLY is sad-anorakism of the first degree but congrats!!
Aah...the memories....

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Janet Lynch

Janet is the newsroom "Girl Friday" - the newsdesk secretary. Give Janet a call if you want to get your news event in our diary, Coventry 28451.

Newsroom line-up at a later date:

Left to right
Kay Oliver
Gary Hudson,
Andy Armitage
Peter Lowe (editor)
Jan Lynch
Alan Turner
Julie Carter.

spkr Mercia News in 1984 with: Peter Lowe, Judy Ward, Mark Foster, Ian McClaren, Simon Garrett and Ian Woods

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