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Presenter: Andy Lloyd
" brings back so many memories of sounds and faces ... great people, great music and great fun." ...Andy Lloyd
Andy Lloyd

Andy Lloyd

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Andy's first hit pick: D-A-A-ANCE - the Labrettas.

As Mercia Sound celebrated 2 years of success Andy wrote:

For me the great thing about working at Mercia Sound is that I am not only getting paid for doing a job that I love but there is also the opportunity to use the medium of radio to help people by putting them in touch with a wide selection of guest experts.

There have been moments of great excitement - for instance during the gold rush.. and moments of panic like one Sunday morning when I got a heritage quiz question wrong and the switchboard exploded with irate amateur historians."

In their own words

Mercia & ATV's simulcast - Rock Stage promo

Link to United Biscuits Network history website

Heritage Quiz

Sunday morning was the time for Andy's Heritage Quiz within his 'A Touch of Class' programme, here's a sample of questions used on the 10th of August 1980:

1) To which famous school in the area did Lewis Carroll go to?
(Answer: Rugby)
2) What was the first mechanised road transport system in the
Coventry area? (Answer: Steam trams... 1884)
3) Where was the King's Court held in Banbury in the 13th Century?
(Answer: Banbury Castle)

LP's for the prize winner picked from Eastern Wind by Chris DeBurg
or On the Riviera - The Gibson Brothers

Click here for a scan of the original question sheet.

Lateral Thinking Quiz

Sunday night was the time for Andy's Lateral Thinking Quiz, and yes Andy worked Sunday mornings and Sunday nights, in fact he also used to work both Saturday morning and evening too!

Andy used to set lateral thinking problems on air and asked people to send in any good problems that they knew. What Andy didn't count on was that a whole load of people forming 'Lateral Thinking' clubs - the Lawley Laterals being one of the most vociferous.

For samples of the mail Andy used to get, click on the names below:

The Lawley Laterals
The Aldermoor Lane Left Hand Thinkers
Bluecoat School Lateral Thinkers
Toytown Lateral Thinkers
The Jermyn Lateral Thinkers
Members list

Left is a scan of a certificate to acknowledge Andy's work on the Pope's visit to Coventry in 1982 (click image for a larger view).

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