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Presenter: Karl Stein

Karl Stein

In their own words
"I Joined Mercia Sound in October 1986 and left in November 1993 working as a freelance presenter.

When Mercia Sound first broadcast 24 hours a day I was one of the original ''Nightbeat'' presenters, this programme was broadcast from 1am to 4am.

My next move was to ''Love Zone'' which initially was on air during late night Friday into Saturday morning from 3am - 4am, this programme then took over the Saturday night into Sunday morning spot between 1am and 4am.

Mercia Sound then becoming Mercia FM broadcast simultaneously with Leicester Sound during the latter part of my career where I was involved with ''Night Express'' providing music, chat and entertainment from 1am to 6am, you certainly knew you had done 5 hours on air at the end of that shift especially when it was 6 times a week! All great fun though.

As well as the above regular slots I also spent time covering various programmes during the evening and weekends sitting in for regular presenters
who were on their holiday etc.

After leaving Mercia FM I now work full time for a local manufacturing company in Nuneaton as Senior Technical Advisor but my interest in Radio continues and I have been fortunate enough to be invited to be involved with some RSL work with Anker FM - a spin off from the local Hospital Radio station in Nuneaton.

The time at Mercia was absolutely great and certainly one of the things in my life I would not change, I had the privilege of working with some great people and it was a great experience - my only two regrets: 1) leaving ! and 2) that Mercia, in common with a majority of similar stations, is no longer allowed to be a truly local radio station as it once was".

Karl is a member of Anker Radio
Anker Radio

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