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The Mercia Mix and The Power Mix
Tag line: 'Extended mixes of your favourite music'

Kevin Sykes

Kevin Skes

  Mercia FM 

Leicester Sound FM

The Programmes:

The Mercia Mix (Mercia FM) & The Power Mix (Leicester Sound FM) was a non-presenter led programme of exclusively re-mixed dance and chart music produced by me, Kevin Sykes.

Originally the programme began broadcasting on Mercia FM (only) on September 8th 1990 as an hour long pilot show, the following week (September 15th) the show began in earnest starting at 8:00 pm on Saturday night thro' 'til 10:00pm.

On January 25th 1992 Leicester Sound began broadcasting the show (The Power Mix) as a simulcast from Mercia's studios, and later on July 6th 1992 a weekday evening slot started Monday - Thursday on Mercia FM between 6:20pm - 7:00pm.

Eventually on March the 6th 1993 the show came to an end albeit the ratings being better than those program's either side of its scheduled times.

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Mercia Mix / Power Mix Jingle / Id montage - Voiced by J R Nelson

Kevin Sykes
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Playlist of the first Mercia Mix (15th September 1990)

Hour 1:

Losing my mind - Liza Minnelli / Duration 8:01
Heart - Pet Shop Boys / Duration 7:22

Something's jumpin' in my shirt - Malcolm McLaren / Duration 8:46

Let's go round again - Yell / Duration 8:55

British hustle - Hi Tension / Duration 5:20

Expansions '86 - Chris Paul / Duration 11:17

Walk like an Egyptian - The Bangles / Duration 6:57

Hour 2:

Do you love what you feel? - Inner City / Duration 7:10

All & all - Joyce Sims / Duration 9:28

Kissing with confidence - Will Powers / Duration 8:30

Reputation - Dusty Springfield / Duration 8:40

Heart 'n' soul - Imagination / Duration 7:47

Let her feel it - Simplicious / Duration 9:23

I feel the earth move - Martika / Duration 5:42

Production studio 'Production studio'

Where much of the music was edited, using Studer
A807 tape machines and mastered onto DAT.

Home studio
'Home studio'

The original DAT tapes have now been
transferred to CD recordable.

Programme schedule 1991
'Programme Schedule'

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