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Saturday Night Out - Radio Show
Broadcasting on FAB FM Saturday evenings 6pm to 8pm [UK]

Saturday Night Out - KPSMEGAMIXES

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Saturday Night Out was originally a dance genre programme on Saturday evenings and broadcast between 18:00 to 21:00 hrs when 'Mercia Sound' first began broadcasting in the May of 1980.

My hobby (Kevin Sykes) at the time was, using a tape recorder, editing instrumental versions of records together with their vocal counterparts thus making a 'longer' version of the original record.

Akai 400 DS MKIIBASF - Editing Kit

I sent a copy of my edited version of Earth, Wind and Fire's - Let's Groove in to Tony Harrison at Mercia Sound, he was the presenter of Saturday Night Out and this is when my editing work was given its initial break circa 1982, Tony Harrison being the first to play them then when Jeff Harris took over the programme, my edited version of Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Junior was Jeff's first play of my work.

Jeff made them a regular weekly feature and invited me to use Mercia Sound's studio's, when Gary Hynes inherited the programme from Jeff he too kept the mixes as a feature on the programme, this went on for a number of years.

By 1989 I was working full time at the then 'Mercia FM' when I was asked to produce my very own show taking over the Saturday Night Out slot, and so - 'The Mercia Mix' was to be a non-stop music show and most importantly to me, a non-presenter led show which I was delighted to do!

At the time of writing, there's some 1,692 song titles in my library of mixes equaling 268 hours.


Saturday Night Out produced by Kevin Sykes...
Get ready for your Saturday Night Out and listen to an extensive and eclectic mix of extended mixes and megamixes of Club, Disco, Dance, Pop, House and many more genres.

With music from the decades covering the early 70's to today!.

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Saturday Night Out began broadcasting on New Year's Eve 2015.




History of the original programme to Saturday Night Out - The Mercia Mix

Mercia Megamix banner

Mercia Studio

The Mercia Mix (Mercia FM) Coventry, Warwickshire and the surrounding area, The Power Mix (Leicester Sound FM) Leicestershire was a non-presenter led programme of exclusively produced dance and chart music produced by me, Kevin Sykes.

Originally the programme began broadcasting on Mercia FM (only) on September 8th 1990 as an hour long pilot show, the following week (September 15th) the show began in earnest starting at 8:00 pm on Saturday night thro' 'til 10:00pm.

On January 25th 1992 Leicester Sound began broadcasting the show (The Power Mix) as a simulcast from Mercia's studios, and later on July 6th 1992 a weekday evening slot started Monday - Thursday on Mercia FM between 6:20pm - 7:00pm.

Eventually on March the 6th 1993 the show came to an end albeit the ratings being better than those program's either side of its scheduled times (political reasons!).

Mercia FM’s production studio desk and the Studer A807’s that were used in production of The Mercia Mix

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